Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Desert Trip- Day Three

View from our hotel patio

Night three started with The Who.  I always loved Tommy so I was hoping that they would play a few tunes from that rock opera.  They were spectacular.  They had a great  video kinda in the middle of their set that portrayed the world though their career- it was a very sad video to watch but really good.  Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend can still play and sing and Ringo's kid is in the band.  Zak Starkey plays the drums.

The Who also did a really cool video pre show so go to your seats before the start time.  They honored some of the musicians that have passed away and the Tribute was moving.  It said that David Bowie always wanted to play Coachella....sad....
The Who from the photo gallery

Night three ended with Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd.  We had decided to skip it as we had enough concert by the third night and The Who was so good it seemed like a good place to end.  I never liked Pink Floyd and I tried to in the weeks preceding the concert but I just couldn't get into it.  I tried to like Pink Floyd but it just was not my thing.
Neil Young- photo gallery

Three days of trekking to an outdoor venue with two concerts with an hour break ( at least) between is a lot of concerts.  Marty said he is never going to a concert again....
View from our room
The back of General Admission before the crowds arrived

General admission

Bad pic but this is from the back of the venue you can get a little idea of the size and scope

Neil from photo gallery

Beatles-photo gallery

Beatles photo gallery

CSNY-photo gallery

Beatles photo gallery

photo gallery

photo gallery

Paul and Ringo reading about The Who

Beatles-photo gallery

Beatles photo gallery

The Who-Pete

The Who-Pete

The Who- Ringo's son

The Who- Roger and Pete


Tips if you are going this weekend:

  • Bring a bandana to cover your face if it gets dusty
  • Wear comfie shoes you have to walk a really long way
  • Wear cool clothes- I mean shorts and a tee- it is hot when all these people get together
  • Get a couch in the VIP lounge early and hang out- you might want to stay on the couch for Bob Dylan--- you can see the screens and there is food and drinks
  • Meet as many people as you can- I met people from four continents- N American duh, South America, Europe and Australia---- pretty cool
  • The best merchandise is at the very back of the venue by the GA.  The merchandise in the reserved sections is very limited.
  • Go to the photo exhibit on day one or day two- we waited until day three and it was jammed...I heard it was not crowded the first two days.
  • Bring lots of money....
  • Practice your cell phone skills- I know I get a bad grade.

See Me, Feel Me- The Who
"See Me
Feel Me
Touch Me
Heal Me

See Me
Feel Me
Touch Me
Heal Me
Listening to you, I get the music
Gazing at you, I get the heat
Following you, I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your feet

Right behind you, I see the millions
On you, I see the glory
From you, I get opinion
From you, I get the story"

Love, Ya-Ya

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