Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bridget Jones, Neighbors and Two BDay Parties

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I am sooo lucky.  I have been going a mile a minute.  I am just coming down for a landing.  It has been a hectic several days,  but all good.

I promised to give my opinion about Bridget Jones Baby- it was cute and a good girlfriend movie. The soundtrack is really good- if there is good music,  I can stay interested.
Happy BDay and Many more----

I was lucky enough to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday with a spa day and dinner.  She asked if I would blog about it and I said no but she wanted to be on the blog so here it is taken by my phone--- I am not very good with the phone.  We joined our husbands for dinner at a small Italian restaurant on the Scottsdale Waterfront called Marcellino.  Their pasta was homemade and delicious.  Parking is ugly,  so valet ---always my favorite thing to do.
Tag Sale Yah!!! Make some money!  This is Not a picture of the junk I sold, this is from an old sale- I might be embarrassed to show you the junk I discarded this time---

My neighbors held a garage sale and I told them I had a couple of bins of Halloween JUNK that I was getting rid of.  I took the junk over to my friends house, marked almost everything $1.00 and made about $125....really- Maybe I should have exerted some effort and then I would have made $500- The bins were all ready to go to Good Will or Salvation Army as I did not really  think there was anything of value there -----just goes to show you that one persons junk is another persons treasure and garage salers LOVE items for $1.00.... I felt a little guilty because I really did not help out but I did take the money they gave me.  I had so many things already planned for the weekend and the G kids always go to the top of the event calendar.  I can pay for pizza a couple of times or a burger night out---Maybe I should take my good neighbors out to lunch.
First football game of Fall 2016 season....

Saturday was the kickoff of flag football and we had two games in one day.  I was tired just watching two games,  imagine playing in two,  and it is still a little hot.  The boys had some great plays and they made progress from their first game to their second game.  The boys had fun and that's what it's all about.  They were cheering for each other and chanting "Go Pack" and it was really fun to watch. Next week soccer and football.  Ya-Ya and Pop-Pop stay very busy on the weekends attending as many games as possible.

The G girls started at a  new dance and cheer studio.  They were thrilled and loved it.  One of the girls said she learned to do a handstand and the other one a cartwheel so stay tuned for pics when I see them actually doing the tricks.
Football-Fall 2016
We had a family celebration for one of the DIL's birthdays.  One of the kids said she must be 25 years old and she was good with that assumption.

Happy 25!  Per one of the kids---okay I think she will take it.  Photo was actually in Cali this past summer but it is a really cute pic of the birthday girl--- she is very photogenic.

We had brunch to celebrate the family birthday and cake and can you believe it I did not take a photo of the cake.  We could not get the candles lit because we were out on the patio and it was too windy but we sang anyway and disrupted all of the other diners.  They may have been happy to be disrupted as the Cardinals game was on and they did NOT have a good day...The kids wanted me to take some photos and I did not grab my camera this morning so I tried to take some with my phone.  Not great but you will get the idea.  I think the G kids know that Ya-Ya will actually do something with the pictures and now they want me to take pics of them-- Yahoo--- it is all good.

The kids wanted their picture taken----other kids in the background...

Extra girl on the left- she wants to be in our family....

A couple of extra girls in the background-- taken from my phone

Now an extra boy and girl- oops....

 "Old Man" by Neil Young----
"Old man take a look at my life
I'm a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that's true"

Listen to Sirius Station 26 - lots of references to The Desert Trip....

Coming Soon:

  • The Desert Trip Realized
  • A Neighbors View of Halloween Decorating
  • A Tribute to Papou
  • Outdoor fall Decorating
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Iowa State won their football game after losing all games until now-- So "Go ISU".  Not so lucky for the Cardinals today- oh well- there is always next week.

Enjoy all of your family events and games and birthdays.  We try really hard to celebrate each birthday with something, either dinner or brunch or at least pizza and we always have cake and sing and have cards and presents.  Life is too short to not enjoy a little birthday fun.

Love, Ya-Ya

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