Sunday, September 11, 2016

Gemini advice and other tidbits

Estimated Reading Time....2 minutes and 31 seconds......easy to read during the NFL.  Go Cardinals!!

From the AZ Republic, Sept. 7,2016

"Give your self time to reach your goals.  Success trick: lower your expectations of what you'll be able to accomplish in a day, but raise your expectations of what you'll accomplish in 60 days."

I think the horoscope writer was speaking directly to me.  I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all of my projects right now.  So I am going to follow instructions and loosen up a bit.

I saw a cool thing in the newspaper today..... a comedy dinner theater at the Orange Tree Resort.  That is close by and sounds like fun.  They have a couple of different plays showing and only on Friday and Saturday nights.  If we go I will give you my opinion.  Murder and a Meal Comedy Dinner Theater.

I got some great advice from a trusted friend this week, to just make one small change at a time.  I know I need to eat healthier, exercise more, and on and on.  My friend said just add apples this week.  I am going to buy them tomorrow....the already sliced ones in individual packets so I don't have to bite into an apple.  I have the biggest fear that my front teeth will come off in an apple or in corn on the cob--- thus the individual packets of apples.  One small change at a time-----I can do that!
This is above my entertainment center- Oops ladder is still there- remember the house is not done yet---- I hope I can say finished this week.

Fall Redecorate and Kitchen remodel update:
I am still working on my fall decorating. It will still be a couple of days before I can photograph.  I need to get things together today because the cabinet man is coming over tomorrow.  I am actually starting the kitchen remodel.  I am choosing the cabinetry first, then the floor and backsplash.  I need new appliances or they will immediately date all of the new stuff.  Then repaint the walls and ceiling.
Part of the mantle -great room....

G kids always have a few pics in our Great room,  This years Halloween pic will be sweet.  I love the costumes they chose.

My guest bath- Black and white with a little orange for Halloween- It is only 49 days til Halloween.

More black and white pumpkins.  I did the polka dot one a while back with polka dotted duct tape.  It took about 10 minutes.  
This is the before picture of our plant shelf.  I am waiting for Marty to help me as it is a fall risk--- I did fall a few years ago and broke my foot.  Marty is a foot taller than I am---- I hope golf was good so he will want to climb the ladder.  Wait til I tell him I want to electrify a bunch of stuff up there---- I can hardly wait for the fun.

Ya-Ya's Bookshelf: I knocked off a couple of books this week and am ready for some serious reading.  Great way to relax....what have you read this week?  They say half of the adults in America read 5 books or more in one year.  The other half reads less than 5 IN A YEAR.....Wow.  A friend told me about a friend of hers who read 365 books last year.  I said she must not have a job.... and she did, but no kids or spouse.  This is extreme even for me.
Danielle Steel- Rushing Waters
Marni Jameson-Downsizing The Family Home-- recommended to me by Debra, I told her we would downsize in the next few years and she recommended this book.
Jon Gordon- The Energy Bus---
Jennifer Dukes Lee- The Happiness Dare--- I read  a review about this one and thought I might like it.
Susan Wiggs-Family Tree
Debbie Macomber-Sweet Tomorrows

Dance with My Father.....Luther Vandross..............
"If I could get another chance
Another walk
Another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
How I'd love love love
To dance with my father again"

Make sure to hug your Dad today!!
Coming Soon:

  • The Desert Trip
  • Cheap Internet Shopping
  • Staging a reno
  • Fall decorating
  • A tribute to Papou- and our trip to Greece
Love, Ya-Ya

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