Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sweet Salvage, Junk in the Trunk, So many things to do, so little time

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Next week are two of my favorite shopping extravaganza’s,  Junk in the Trunk and Sweet Salvage.  Junk in the Trunk is held twice a year and Sweet Salvage is every month.

JITT is at West World in Scottsdale.  It hosts a bunch of vendors of repurposed and vintage items.  There are also a few new things but the old stuff is remarkable and the lines of people to get in prove that there must be something good inside.  You can go on Friday night if you want to pay $65 to go shopping, you can go in one hour early on Saturday if you want to pay $25 to go shopping.  Some of the good stuff will be gone but oh well.  I don’t really like to pay to go shopping.  The general admission is $8.00 at 9 AM on both Saturday and Sunday.  And you have to pay to park.  Plan on standing in line to get in and plan on big crowds.  If crowds are not your thing you might wait until late on Saturday or go on Sunday.  The lines will be shorter.

I purchased one of my favorite things at JITT.  It started as an old,  chippy window.  I filled it with family pictures, that I had blown up at Shutterfly and then just taped them in place.  We put some really sturdy mounting hardware on the back so that it would not crash to the ground when we hung it.  It proudly hangs in my dining room.  It is time to order some new pictures.  These are from a couple of years ago. 

Sweet Salvage is held once a month at 4648 N 7th Ave.  This is a compilation of stuff accumulated by the owners of this event and is always themed.  This one coming up in September is call "Wicked Faire" so it will be Halloween junk.  Their displays are amazing.  It is worth a visit just to see how they put things together, they are a very talented group.
Sweet Salvage also draws a big crowd.  The lines go around the building.  I usually do not go when it is crazy because I don’t want to park two blocks away and stand in line with the throngs of shoppers.  I am just not that good about standing in line to go shopping.

Another of my favorites is The Simple Farm.  It is located on Cactus on the North side of the street just East of the 101 in Scottsdale.  The Simple Farm is a working farm that has goats and veggies and flowers and is a beautiful farm in the middle of a city.  The Simple Farm is open on Thursdays from 9 til 11:30.  You need to have a membership to get the fresh veggies and other goodies each week but the extra stuff that is not going to the members is on sale for anyone to buy.  My favorite thing at The Simple Farm are the goats milk caramels.  The goats live at The Simple Farm and the caramels are the best I have ever tasted.  
Completely off the subject,  but I just read a book written by one of my friend's Dad.  He was a POW in WW2 for forty-four months.  The book is Forty-Four Months As A POW, by Gene Henderson. Nanny- thank you  sooo much for sharing a piece of your family history.   We need to count our blessings and appreciate all of the things that we take for granted.  The POW's had little food, water, clothing, and on and on.  It was hard to read that people could really be so mistreated.  We take so much for granted.  Thanks to all who have served our country.

Pink Houses by John Mellencamp
"Oh but ain't that America, for you and me
Ain't that America, we're something to see baby
Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses for you and me, ooo, ooo yeah"

Coming soon:
  • Fall decorating
  • The Desert Trip
  • Kitchen Reno Project
  • The Garage Makeover
  • Cheap Internet Shopping
  • Staging a Reno
Love, Ya-Ya


  1. Friend, Thank you for recognizing my Dad's book and your the sincere appreciation!
    Your courage to open up your life and your passions is really the same reason my Dad wrote the book. I continue to work on my "writing!" Perhaps a continuation of "Forty-Four Months" through a Daughter's Eyes... It's not all the service or the job, it is more the attitude to keep on going, to do what is right and just and to act with love.
    I smile when I read your practical ideas and have passed them on as well as keeping mental note for my future grandchildren! I mostly relate to your honest comments about the mess-ups! Nobody is perfect! So keep on! My Dad told me he made up his mind that he would survive 6 months at a time! At the end of the 6 months he was able to go for another 6 months! From shortest friend Nanny

    1. Nanny, I hope that all is well after the weather last week. Your Dad's book was so heartbreaking. Was he ever a spirited man. He just stuck with it and came home to his Marge. There is a love story in there. Please keep up your writing. I need to blog today. Love always!