Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Halloween is 41 days away, Desert Trip is in TWO weeks

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I did order the Halloween costumes for the G kids as I told you I would.  They arrived and we have had a dress rehearsal.  Good thing that we did because one the the G girls decided that now she wants earrings and when we ordered she was adamant that she did not want earrings.  So the earrings are ordered.
We will have one Ninja on Halloween---

One the the G boys did not have the right shoes, so I ordered those also.  The costumes were a huge hit and I can't wait for the real events.  I hope that the kids will have plenty of opportunities to wear their outfits after the photos are taken in mid October. If you have not thought about costumes you might want to get with it.  This year we will have four really special costumes.  I was worried about two of them and they all four turned out really fun.
We will have a Queen this Halloween but she needs some earrings....

Kitchen Renovation Update:  Just an FYI- Double your expected budget

  • The reno is underway at least paying for the reno is underway.  
  • I wrote a big check to the cabinet guy- he is scheduled to start work on Nov 1.
  • I still need to pick the cabinet hardware.
  • The installer is scheduled for the demo and the floor and backsplash installation.
I am looking for a lumpy subway tile.

  • I am struggling with the tile selection.  I have a little too much resale on my mind instead of picking what I would like if we were here for the long haul.  
Fake wood floor- made from tile

  • Appliances have been selected but I do want Marty to take a look before I say "go" because as you know he is the cook around here.  I did not go crazy on the appliances as we know we will not be here for more than 5 or 6 more years?????Then downsize???
  • I still need to schedule the paint contractor.
  • I am acting as the general contractor so wish me luck.  The expense seems to not be worth it to hire a general for such a small job, so I am scheduling each thing and will try to make it all happen when they are promising that it will.
  • I have to have all of my stuff out of the kitchen before the reno starts.  All cabinets empty.  Maybe we should just throw everything away and start with all new stuff....just up the budget a hair....
Halloween in Ya-Ya's dining room

Ya-Ya's Halloween dining room

Fall Decorating is kind of completed.  I think I just ran out of steam.  Maybe it was when I had my teeth cleaned and they said I had a cavity--- really- I have not had one for at least 15 years.  I had it repaired yesterday and it wasn't that bad but don't you just hate it when they tell you there is something wrong.  I am such a huge dentist wimp.  I go religiously every 6 months for a tooth cleaning but I dread hearing that there is anything that is not right.  Then I obsess over it until it is completed.  I have told you before that I have a couple of loony tendencies and this is one of them.
Ya-Ya's Halloween chandelier- dining room

I will include a couple of pictures so you can see what I have been working on.
Cart made by Marty many years ago- I love to decorate it for every season

We went to see "Sully".  The movie about the airplane landing on the Hudson River.  It was troubling for me to see and emotional.  I was a little shook up after seeing it.  I guess I should stick to chick flicks with a love story and a happy ending.  

I went to see Cabaret last week and I did not like the "new"version.  Very dark.  I don't remember the old version being such a downer.

This week I am seeing Bridget Jones Baby which looks like it is a really funny one.  I will report back next week.  I also want to go see the Beatles documentary--- I may have to go alone- no one seems to be too excited to see it except me.

It is  two weeks until we leave for the Desert Trip. If you do not know what the Desert Trip is one of our kids is calling it "Old Chella".  It takes place in the same venue as Choachella but it has some of the greatest bands of our era.  The first night it is Bob Dylan followed by The Rolling Stones, night two is Neil Young followed by Paul McCartney and night three is The Who followed by Roger Waters(formerly with Pink Floyd). Listen to Sirius Channel 26.  They talk about Desert Trip a lot.  

I hope you are making it happen.  And thank you to my Florida buddy for getting me inspired to make something happen.   xxxooo and I hope to see you soon...
Coming Soon:
  • Decorating outdoors for fall
  • A Tribute to Papou, a Greek Remembered
  • The Desert Trip
  • My Favorite concerts
Love, Ya-Ya

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