Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Behind......

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I thought that this post should be appropriately named Fall Behind because that is what I seem to be doing these days.  I take a few steps forward and then something breaks and I am further behind than I was when I started.

Update on the kitchen reno project:
  • Cabinets are selected- waiting for the final price.....scary
  • Floors- I know what I want and I went to one tile store but they had the Scottsdale markup so I need to go to a few more tile stores....
  • Appliances- Need to choose- I have been looking online but I need to see the stuff in the flesh.
  • Backsplash--I know what I want but I need to find it at another tile store.
Kitchen before reno

Kitchen before reno

Kitchen before reno

I have included a couple of pics of my "before" kitchen pictures.  I know it is bad news,  so don't judge me.  When they do the demo it is supposed to take about three weeks from the start date to completion- so I guess I should double that and say it will be six weeks.  Maybe there will not be any Thanksgiving at our house this year???
Kitchen before reno

Re: Fall Decorating- I am the Grandmother (Ya-Ya) to a seven year old, a six year old, a five year old and a four year old. My house is focused on fun from a 7,6,5 and 4 years olds' view.  They get sooo excited about Halloween and I want them to be excited to come into Ya-Ya's house and experience the fun this is not your typical color coordinated, magazine ready home.  This is a real Ya-Ya's house where we mess it up and play games and decorate gingerbread houses for Halloween  (thanks to Trader Joes).  The entire focus of Ya-Ya's house is the G kids and having fun and getting excited......not a decorators dream.  You can see that on many other blogs.....
This is true

I have been working diligently on getting all of my fall decorating completed.  I am still not finished. But I did achieve a major goal today.  My car is back in the garage.  It was only out of the garage for a couple of days so I am not feeling that bad about it.  Marty says garages are for cars not junk (he actually calls my stuff by a different name)....So I know I always need to get the cars back into the garage as soon as I can.  The garage is such a great dumping ground for moving stuff in and out of the house..... We do not have basements here,  so it is pretty nightmarish....Trying to redo everything.
Kitchen table- I am anxious to do a table setting but have not had time yet

Marty has been to storage numerous times and I hate to break it to him but I am still missing a few things.  You know how you have a few favorite things and you look for them when you open each bin?? I am still missing a couple of pumpkins that I got at Grandinroad and the pumpkin stands that go with them.  I guess I need to bite the bullet and go to storage by myself and try to find the missing treasures.....I am 95% finished with the decorating but I still want that Grandinroad stuff.
Great room- you can put your feet up

I must have been really tired when I packed away bins last year- you know how you just start throwing stuff in bins so that you can get the stuff out of the way for Christmas?  At our house,  we celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Halloween comes out whenever I can get it finished in Sept.  It stays up until Nov 1.  On Nov 1 all of the Halloweeny Jackolanterns and pure Halloweeny things get packed away and the turkey stuff comes out.  The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas stuff starts to be put out.  I shoot for having it all done by the end of the first week after Thanksgiving.  I change out my garlands from Halloween crazy to subtle, Thanksgiving pretty.  I pulled the garlands from the bins and put them up.  I kept looking at them and knew something was wrong.  The ribbon was the burlap stuff that I use at Thanksgiving.  I know it is no biggie but it is to me.  So I climbed the ladder about a zillion more times to take out the wrong ribbon and then climbed it again about a zillion more times to put in the right stuff......I told you I was a little crazy.  Now it is confirmed.
Top of the entertainment center

So here are a few pics of our great room and it is kind of finished, I still have a long list of details....
Top of the entertainment center

Foyer plant shelf done- Marty did it, so not too bad.  I fell from the top of the ladder a few years ago and broke a bone in my foot.  Now I am afraid to climb to the very top and at 5 foot, one inch I can't thanks to Marty.
Plant shelf- really high- chandelier in the way----

The foyer is mostly finished.....
Foyer cabinet- top decorated with garland and Halloweeny stuff

I still need to finish the dining room and the guest room- There are a few missing items so I am not going to take photos of those rooms yet, stay tuned for the finish line.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...The Beatles
"What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song and I'll try not to sing out of key,
Oh I get by with a little help from my friends"..................

Coming Soon:
  • The Desert Trip- three weeks til the concert--
  • Fall- the rest of the story
  • The kitchen reno continues
  • The Christmas Book project Update
  • Tribute to Papou- A Trip to Greece
I hope all is well in your world.
Love, Ya-Ya

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