Friday, July 15, 2016

A Black and white engagement party

My kids got engaged in 2008.  My house does not look like this anymore.  Please pardon the decorating….you will see current pictures soon.
Side Bar.  Lots of photos and black and white decorations

Wow, both of our boys were engaged and were getting married within a few months of each other.  Let the parties begin!  Black and white are my go to colors so I used those for our base colors.  I bought fabric and quickly stitched up some tablecloths.  Our dining room table is wood and I love fabric so a few straight stitches later a tablecloth is born.
Table set to gather plates and flatware.  Decorated with black and white candy from the party store.

I  gathered black and white serving pieces using mostly budget items from Home Goods.  We have continued to use the black and white serving dishes as our staples at parties.  This color scheme is also great for Halloween as your base.

Food: No caterer here, because my husband is a better cook than the caterers.  We served finger food and also had a full buffet with beef tenderloin, ham and side dishes.  I did order a black and white cake from one of our local bakeries.
Black and white cake.  Thank you to a professional baker.

Party favors- the classic black and white M and M’s printed with their names and wedding date.  We also wrapped Hershey Bars with black and white paper and printed a “congratulations” on the computer, tied it up with pretty ribbon and voila a party favor.
Table laid out and ready for food to be added.

Flowers- arranged myself
Champagne bottles decorated with scroll rhinestones from Michael’s and ribbon-write on the bottle with paint pens
The tray had the candy bars that I wrapped with colorful paper and tied with bows and a sentiment.  The candy bars were just regular chocolate bars.  Easy and very pretty.

Photos- Have a friend help or you will be overwhelmed just taking photos instead of socializing with your guests. 
I can't do a post without at least one Grandchild picture,  

To Do’s: in 2016
Calligraphy class
Photography class
Hold another yard sale- late October
In the very near future:
Coronado-I am counting the days from hotland Arizona where we live,  until we arrive on the beaches of Coronado California.

Desert Trip- Yes we are going to the biggest concert since Woodstock.  If you have not heard about it you are not a baby boomer or at least are not a Baby Boomer who is a concert enthusiast.  Desert Trip will have three days of concerts including Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney (my personal favorite), The Who and Roger Waters ( formerly part of Pink Floyd).  I already have Desert Trip stories of the quest for tickets so stay tuned for more concert notes.

Make it a great weekend and enjoy!
Love, Ya-Ya


  1. What a gorgeous table and sideboard!!! You have a fabulous eye for style, Pam!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. I love hosting parties and there are many more to come on my blog. Luckily, my kids have kids so there are many parties every year. Thanks for taking a look!!