Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Doctor Themed Birthday Party and OVER 1000 views

One of Ya-Ya's Favorite Groups is the Eagles..Take It Easy
Thanks to all of you who have a taken a few minutes to take a look at my life and the everyday fun we are having as a family.  And a special thanks to all who called or emailed me about my beloved Bitsey.

I have 1000 looks at my blog and I have barely scratched the surface.  Yah!  Thank You!!!!

I just had lunch with a friend and she had questions about some of my posts,  so here come a few answers.  Washi tape is sold at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Office Max, etc.    It is a paper tape that is decorative.  The only purpose is to make something pretty.  I look at my To Do's all day everyday and so I decorate the lists with washi tape.  I also use washi tape to seal my cards.  It seems like the sticky part of the envelope that you are supposed to lick is never sticky enough, so I seal with washi tape. If you get a card or a note from me,  it will most certainly have some washi tape sealing the envelope.  I am sure that USPS does not love it,  but I do.   I also use the washi tape to make tabs to get me to a certain page.  Just cut the tape extra long and leave a small piece to hang out beyond the edge of the paper and fold it over.  Instant tab.
I took a pic of a little bit of my list to protect the innocent.  One of my sections is always to schedule.The washi tape is the green dotted tape and the yellow striped tape.  Life is short, use washi tape.  It makes your list fun.

My lists are in spiral bound notebooks.  One of my current favorites is a notebook by Kate Spade with polka dots on the cover.  I also buy spirals at Home Goods or anywhere that has a nice looking cover.  I use the tape to separate the sections of my list or to run down the margins.  It just makes my list a little brighter and takes about 2 seconds.  I love quick and easy stuff.

Please note that these parties are in my archives.  I did not know then that I was about to start a blog. In the future, from this day forward,  I will take many more pictures to help you see the entire process. There are so many things that are not in the pictures.  So please stay tuned and it can just get better.  Do not give up on me.

How do you celebrate a Five Year Old's Birthday?  If you ask them how to celebrate,  they may tell you that they want a Doctor party.  Really?? It is kind of a hard one.  What about a Princess party or a Mermaid party?  No,  a Doctor party.  And so her Mom started scouring for ideas.

This is a partial shot of the cake.  It was a sheet cake base

Pinata fun.  The kids got in line from the smallest to the tallest and they all got to have a few swings at the pinata.  The pinata had a few non candy items like finger puppets.  But guess what, a lot of the kids were diving for candy.  It is a birthday party after all.
The Grab and Go Snack Table

My assignment is always the cake and cookies.  We found a cute Nurse cake and we pretended it was a Doctor cake.  My cake lady asked if I was having a party for someone graduating from nursing school.  I told her no and that we were having a five year old's birthday party.  Then I added the number 5 to her cake to show that we were celebrating her fifth birthday, not graduation from nursing school.
Another cake pic

A shot of the cookies.  We tried to stick to the Doctor theme and red and white.
Because we live in Arizona and it was summer,  the main event was swimming and a pinata.  A five year olds dream.
Cookies are at the top with red crosses and hearts.  Also note the flower arrangements with the cotton balls in the mason jar.

Five year olds love grab and go snacks.  These gloves were perfect for popcorn.
Don't be scared when you see the shots.  They are ink pens.  The "Fever Finders" are pretzels dipped in chocolate and decorated with frosting
These sample jars are filled with yellow jello.  Kids love jello.

The kids loved the fruit skewers
Coming soon:
More beachy decorating
A Boy Baby Shower
Packing for a Beach Vacation
Catalog Obsessions
Ya-Ya's Bookshelf

Please dance and sing with your Grandkids.  Play games.  Pet your furry ones.  And listen to really good old music.  Maybe "Take It Easy" or my favorite "Desperado".  I need to tell you about the "family play list" and how I got "Desperado" onto our top family playlist.  A blog subject for another day.

Thanks for taking a look!
Love, Ya-Ya

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