Friday, July 8, 2016

Beachy Wedding Shower

Grandkids waiting for ice cream

Before I tackle the "Beachy" wedding shower I just wanted to tell everyone that took a look yesterday,  thanks and also that I am having a blast.  My mind is spinning with ideas.  This is already fun and I hope you will enjoy my thoughts and observations.  

"Only in Arizona"---Last night we were driving to meet friends for dinner.  We were in the far right lane.  I was riding in the passenger seat and I saw a horse trailer in the lane to our left a couple of cars ahead.  Picture a pickup truck pulling a small horse trailer that was open in the back.  You could see the horses tail swing outside of the trailer.  All of a sudden the cars are slamming on their brakes because the horse started to poop.  There was poop flying out of this horse trailer onto the cars right behind them.  I saw this happening so we safely stayed back as far as we could.  Picture this happening to your car.  The second car had their windshield wipers going to try to see out their window.  Thanks heavens that there was not an accident but it truly was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on the freeway.  We need a car wash today and we were a few cars back...........

Beachy Wedding shower
My beautiful niece(one of them) had a destination wedding in Del Mar, California.  Oh darn!  We had to go to Del Mar.  I asked her if I could have the honor of hosting a wedding shower for her.  She said yes and we planned on holding the shower at a hotel in Detroit, MI a few months before the wedding.
The theme was easy, Beach.  I called the hotel and had them send me enough brochures to have one for every guest.  The ideas started flowing.  What could I use for a party favor?  How about a plastic sand bucket?  I ordered a bunch on one of the discount websites and paid very little for the plastic beach buckets. 

 I decorated each bucket to hold all of the goodies.  I used their names(bride and groom)  and the location of the wedding on the buckets.  Their initials also would work beautifully.  Every bucket was different.
Bride's Bucket

Inside the bucket:
Cookies in the shape of a flip flop (ordered from a local bakery)-Remember I live in AZ
A can opener in the shape of a flip flop
Luggage tags
A book for the recipients to fill with mementoes of the shower and wedding.  Each book was customized. The only things that were the same were the photographs
Cake from a local bakery

Cake- In a beachy theme-also ordered from a local bakery
Flowers- I had the idea to use metal beach buckets for the flowers so I bought several and arranged for a local florist to do the arrangements.  If I would have been at home I would have done the arrangements myself but there is a limit to what can be accomplished when you are far from home.
Bride's Bouquet for Rehearsal
The Maid of Honor(MOH) made the most beautiful bouquet for the Bride to carry at the rehearsal party.  She used a base of some long, big flowers from Michael's or Hobby Lobby or your favorite fake flower store.  Then she gathered all of the ribbons  and made this beautiful bouquet.  It was so much prettier than the paper plate version, with a small amount of extra effort.

Coming soon- Beachy decorating and birthday parties- more details on the 5 year old Doctor birthday party, a pastel party, a surfing party, My Top Five each day.


  1. Wow!! Awesome Beachy wedding shower. Your shower preparations are simply great. Have to arrange my sister’s wedding shower at one of popular Venues in NYC. Have never done something like this before. So will take my friends help. Hope will arrange a memorable party for her.

    1. Thanks Drew,
      This shower was a blast. I just started one project at a time and before you knew it I had it all done. I bought a lot of stuff online at inexpensive prices. Best wishes for a fun party!