Sunday, July 24, 2016

In a Barbie World

Pool surfing
We are parents of boys.  Now we have two Grandkids of each gender and today we are in a Barbie World. 

Our activities included:
  • Shopping
  • Out to lunch
  • Doing a dancing and singing show for  Pop-Pop and Ya-Ya  
  • Swimming and pool surfing  
  • Eating ribs 
  • Playing in the bath  
  • Making caramel and strawberry sundaes 
  • Watching a Barbie show

Ya-ya is hitting the wall.
Pool surfing
I have finally figured out how to solve the dilemma of who gets to pick the movie.  Thanks to one of our adult kids for making Netflix come up on the big screen.  You have to turn off the direct tv, and turn on the tv and push the Netflix button.  It seems so easy but I was afraid I would blow out the direct tv and then I would be in big trouble.  Direct tv will not be happy because we used to just order the kids movies on demand and pay. 
Yum.  Thanks Pop-Pop.
I already had Netflix so look how thrifty I am. Yeah,  right.  Okay,  so how to pick a movie....rock, paper, scissors.  If you win,  you pick and it seems to be no biggie, no arguments.  You either win or you don't.  I wonder if this will work for the boys?
Ribs are her favorite food.
The girls are still visiting tomorrow so we have planned our day.  The girls have made a list of what they want to do including:

  • Green eggs and ham for breakfast.  They were negotiating with Pop-Pop and  he went to the store for the ingredients.  I know it is kind of gross, but they love it.
Hot rollers for pretty hair.

  • Curling their hair....I use hot rollers and they are pink, purple and silver.  The girls love to curl their hair 
The girls love to wear jewelry.

  • Going to see the new Ice Age movie.  I already have bought the tickets and reserved the seats. It actually was ok.  I think I only dozed off a couple of times.  The previews for "Sing" and "Trolls" look cute.  
Posing before the movies

  • Shopping at The American Girl store to check out the latest doll accessories.  I told the girls they could pick one thing and they were talking about crutches.  Sounds good to me.  They actually ended up with a chair for the 6 year old and a violin (American Girl size) for the 5 year old.  Marty had never been to American Girl and it was swamped.  I think he was in awe of all of the stuff and all of the kids.
  • Playing school.  We hit the Dollar section at Target and got some new stickers, letters, flash cards.  We have plans to hold a school session in the afternoon.

This is a candy pizza.  I know not exactly healthy but I am the Ya-Ya,  They can be healthy at their house.
By then Ya-ya will be ready to read a book and I can almost guarantee the girls will be exhausted. Bath time and bed.

I received a package in the mail yesterday from a high school girlfriend who was just in Arizona and came over to visit us.  When we were catching up she told me that her Dad had written a book about his experience as a POW in WW2.  Thanks you so much for sending me a copy, as it is not available in the bookstores or online.  I can't wait to read about how a man I knew experienced being a POW.  I can't even imagine.  Thanks to all who serve our country in many ways through the armed service communities and our local police and fire departments. We appreciate you.

"And know they love you"-Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Coming soon:
  • Our house is a very, very,very fine house
  • Prepping for the beach vacation
  • Planning a rehearsal dinner from afar
  • My catalog Obsession
  • Ya-Ya's Bookshelf

 And as always. thanks for taking a look and feel free to share!!!
Love, Ya-Ya

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