Monday, July 18, 2016

Cameras and Pinspiration

Sorry about no post yesterday.  It was a sad day at Ya-ya's house.  We said goodbye to one of our furry kids.  The vet tried everything but nothing worked.  I know I will always miss her but I am thankful for the eleven years we spent together.

So I am going to pick myself up by my bootstraps and move forward.  We still have three dogs and another two visiting for two more weeks.  They all need love too.  So I am spending a little more time cuddling and loving them today.  If you have any fur babies be sure to give them some extra time and attention today.  You are their hero.
Isn't the pink camera cute?

It is one of our D-I-L's birthday this week.  She mentioned casually that she liked the Poloroid cameras that came out recently that give you an instant print.  Wow,  does that bring back memories?  I found a pink one for her and I am excited to see if she likes it.  I am sure she will.  They even have a memory card so you can transfer the images to your computer.

While I was at Best Buy I had quite a conversation with the camera guru.  I told him that my DSLR skills are lacking and asked him where I should go to take classes.  He told me that they have a FREE class at Best Buy every month. At least at my Best Buy.  So I am enrolling in the FREE class for September.  I can't wait .  He also gave me a few suggestions on lenses and new technology.  Maybe I should learn the old technology first?
There really is a store, Pinspiration.
We met some friends for dinner last week and I saw "Pinspiration" for the first time.  Marty was with me so I could not really check it out.  I went back later in the week but they were not open,  so I just peeked in the window.  I did have my camera with me so I took a few pics.  They let you make certain projects from Pinterest and complete them right there in the store.  They also serve food and drinks.  What fun.  I need to make a date with one of my crafty girlfriends to actually check it out and make a project.
Through the window.  But look food and drinks!!
This reminds me of what I used to think of Pinterest.  I thought anyone who would sit at their computer looking at pictures and saving them must be crazy.  Well that was until I did it.  I am truly in love with Pinterest.  There is a treasure trove of ideas and it is really fast to find what you need.  Many of our parties have been enhanced by ideas found on Pinterest.  And I actually do a bunch of the stuff I pin, except the cooking stuff.  I show Marty recipes and he is receptive to ideas,  so the food pins do not go to waste.
Lots of window reflection,  but you can see how cool it is
Please make it a great day and hug all of your kids, human and flurry.

Love, Ya-Ya
Cake from the 5 year old Doctor Birthday party
Coming soon:
A Doctor Birthday Party
More Beachy Decorating
A Baby Boy Shower
Packing for a Beach Get away

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