Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beachy touches, Glitter and fake hair at Ya-Ya's House

It is still hot in AZ and if anyone says it's a dry heat,  they are kidding themselves.  Right now we have humidity and high heat forcing us to all stay inside.  The other night I decided to put my feet in the pool and cool off.  The pool was like a bathtub, I was hoping for cold and it was not there.  So I decided to do a few more Beachy touches to the house and pretend that we are on the beach.

My table setting is the plastic dinnerware that looks like real stoneware.  I was hesitant at first but I love it.  The table is set with solid color dinner plates and salad plates patterned with beachy scenes mixed in with solid salad plates. Dinner plates are from Williams Sonoma and salad plates are from Pier One.  The glassware is from Crate and Barrel.  I had looked at these plates and had to pick them up to see if they were plastic because they looked so  much like stoneware.  We have four Grandkids that are four, five, six and seven.  This dinnerware is perfect for them and looks fabulous too.

The Grandaughters were over yesterday for a sleep over.  They make plans for what they want to do when they get to Ya-Ya's house and it usually involves paint and glitter.  A few years ago we were at a restaurant that had a pile of wooden blocks that were big and the G kids thought they were the best thing ever.  So Marty said he could make some from 2 x 4's.

He proceeded to buy the wood and then cut it into manageable pieces and sanded the rough edges. He filled up one of those big plastic bins with wood blocks that the kids use to build pretend houses, boats, spaceships, etc.    This bin stays outside because that is where we want them to play, at least most of the year.

One day I was looking for a project and I asked the kids if they wanted to use markers to decorate the blocks.  That was a huge hit.  But that was a while ago.
You may be looking at these pics and thinking "wow those clothes don't fit those girls".  Of course they don't.  They took off their pretty dresses and put on an old shirt of Ya-Ya's.  These old shirts are perfect for paint and glitter because you don't have to worry if a little paint lands on the shirt.  And I can guarantee it does.
We always put our paint onto paper plates.  Ya-Ya still controls the pouring of the paint onto the paperplates.

Yesterday I asked the girls if they would like to decorate some of the blocks with pain and glitter and it was a home run.  The girls painted and glittered for a few hours.  The next house they build from the blocks will be beautiful with their new painted and glittered blocks.
Showing off hands with paint and glitter
I have been collecting some fake hair (drug store quality)  and the girls love it,  like a curly bun and a long ponytail.  The girls were going on a field trip today and last night they told me that they wanted to wear the hairpieces.  I am not sure they will stay in their hair until their field trip but they looked really cute when they left the house.
A little fake hair from Ya-Ya's stash this morning.  Then the girls had to add ribbon to their hairdos.
A fake ponytail.  Look for stuff like this at Beauty supply stores.  I found it in the discount aisle.
" I've got everything I need and nothing that I don't"  Zac Brown Band- on my radio while I was waiting for emissions check.  I thought this was a good reminder to all of us to appreciate what we have.

Ya-Ya's bookshelf:

New books arriving this week from Amazon included a new release from one of my favorite authors:
Falling by Jane Green.  If you have not read Family Pictures by Jane Green you might want to consider it.  Remember I am not a heavy fiction reader.  This is one of my favorites by Jane Green. I think I have read all of hers.
The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen, another author I love.
Sunshine Beach by Wendy Wax
Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

One of my friends said that they think I read a lot.  I admit I do love books, and I read real books, hardcovers are my favorites.  I have not read as much lately because we have had company and a lot of Grandchildren visits, but I still read after they head to bed.  Before they go to bed,  we are playing games or making some kind of a mess.

If the television is on,  I am never looking at it.  But I will still argue with Marty about what should be on the TV and he says "but you never look up".  Oh well.  He should be used to it after 43 years.
Please have a song in your heart and a hug for the kids.
Love, Ya-Ya

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