Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Blog??

Swimming fun 

One of my friends asked me why I started the blog.  Well I am not sure I have a short answer but I have been thinking about doing it for a few YEARS.  I know this is crazy.  I have read so many articles about blogging and I have a few blogs that I absolutely love and try to look at often.  I have looked at the “home tours” on pinterest and I wanted to be part of it.  Some of the homes are absolutely amazing.  And I wanted to be part of the fun.
Three of my precious four dogs

I talked with a very famous blogger.  I will not reveal the source right now because I do not want her to have a deluge of people asked her to help them.  Out of the goodness of her heart she gave me about an hour of her precious time.  She has a million views.  Amazing.  She told me to just do it.  Quit talking about it and do it.  I took her advice to heart.
More frosting on her than she consumed.  It was probably a good thing.
We ran into an old friend at a burger joint (celebrating National French Fry day).  This friend said he just read all of my blogposts and asked why there were no business books.  I told him that I read pretty light stuff these days and he was razzing me about my book choices, all in a good way.  He is in his 30's and said he had read every post.  I am so thankful that he took time to read about my life and talk to me about it.

Then when we got home from dinner one of the kids asked me why I didn't write about my "self-improvement" books.  I am always reading how to do something better, faster, smarter, how to live life to the fullest, etc.  So I may add some of these to my never know what is next.
Cousin love
Another friend sent me an email that she was following my blog and had started writing a book because I inspired her to make something happen. Wow,  that alone makes me want to do a post everyday.  If I have inspired one person to do what they have been thinking about, dreaming about, wanting to do, I have succeeded.  As soon as her book is ready to publish,  I  promise I will share her success and personal accomplishment.  Go girl.  You always were at the top of the pyramid!
Soccer.  We try to make as many games as possible.  What a blast to be the Ya-Ya on the sidelines.
So why blog?  I love sharing my life.  I want my blog to be a happy place to spend 5 minutes each day.  There will never be politics or religion....I think a lot of people already cover these subjects and their opinion.  Ya-ya's house is supposed to be a fun place to visit and smile and laugh and dance and sing.  I told you that I can't cook,well I can't sing either, but I still do.  Good friends have witnessed my horrible singing but I still will grab that microphone.  Please sing along with me and you can drown me out.
Prepping for a swim
I am thinking of a song by one of my favorites by Jimmy Buffet, "wrinkles only go where the smiles have been"....from Barefoot Children by Jimmy Buffett.  If you have never seen Jimmy,  live,  you should go.  He knows how to enjoy life.  He always has a huge smile and loves his audience.

The ESPY's are on tv and Kobe Bryant just said "don't rest in the middle".  Wow,  I agree.
Okay,  now I am crying, VP Joe Biden just said,"every moment matters". It is so true.  Hug your kids and tell them you love them.  And have a song in your heart.
You can tell this pic was not taken today.  It will be 113 degrees today.  There will not be a fire in our fireplace.  But we do have much to look forward to.

Coming soon:
An engagement party
Three year old birthday party
Prepping for a beach get away
My top five
The birthday club
Girl friends get away

Thanks for spending  a few minutes with me.  Have a great day!


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