Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Three Generations under One Roof

Beach sign, thanks to my brother and his wife.  They gave me this gift last summer.  It really does light up.  It makes my kitchen fun............life is too short to not have some fun.

Wow- what a crazy house we have.  Right now we have two of our Grand-kids plus two of our adult children plus six dogs plus the two of us under one roof.  So there are six people and six animals living here.   I told my husband that I needed to keep up on laundry or I would have an insurmountable pile.  No one expects me to do it but my office is at home so it is pretty easy to keep it going.  I know though,  that people are picky about their laundry.  So I may lose my laundress job in the next couple of days.
Bailey did not want her picture taken.  She was hiding in the guest bathroom.

The eldest dog (Bailey),  a Jack Russell who is 13 years old,  is freaking out that her territory has been invaded.  I am sure she will calm down in a few days.  I am giving credit to those of you who had more than two kids.  I called it quits as soon as baby number two was born.

The best laid plans need to be flexible.  I thought I would get my house redone before the clan arrived.  Nope.  One of our dogs was feeling bad enough yesterday to have an unplanned trip to the vet.  She was there all day.  So of course I was distracted all day and the worry gene kicked in.  That worry gene disabled everything.  She is home now and sleeping at my feet.
Hamming it up after a birthday breakfast.  Having four Grand-kids is the best.  They have so much fun together.

I thought that I would get a few chapters read this past weekend.  I usually buzz through a book or two every weekend.  Nope.  Just storage trips and trying to get the house reorganized.
I planned to get some actual paperwork completed yesterday.  Nope.  I guess Tuesday will work as well as Monday. 
Brotherly love

We are so lucky to have our kids here with us.  On Saturday,  we had a couple of our Grand-kids over and we played “Simon”, the memory game with the four lights in the corners.  You think it is so easy and that you will maybe be able to win this memory game.  Tip- the kids are really good and the game is really hard.  It is pretty easy until you hit 8 or nine lights.  Then if anyone talks to you or laughs or you get distracted you lose the sequence.  Or maybe I should say I lose the sequence.
Celebrate banner.  Out in the front of the house.  

I shot a couple of additional pictures of Americana.  I have a banner in the front of the house, that says "Celebrate"....coming down today.  I also have flag banners on the back patio,,,,,coming down tomorrow.  Now you can see why I dread the take down.
One of our flag banners.

Ya-Ya's Bookshelf:
I told you that my reading was practically non existent this past weekend but that does not mean that Amazon did not deliver.  Please understand that I read light fiction.  There are not any war stories here and usually not any murder mysteries or gory, scary stuff.  I like weddings, beaches and Christmas.....so please keep that in mind if you like a different kind of book.  Here are the latest arrivals:

Danielle Steel- Magic- I started this one last night.  It is typical Danielle Steel and the Paris party at the beginning caught my interest.  Now I want to know if this party really exists or if  Ms. Steel imagined it.  I believed that it could be real.  I will have to do some research before I post to let you know if it is real event.  Oh my- it is a real event.  It looks amazing.  This will be a very quick, easy read.

Dale Hanson Bourke-Embracing Your Second Calling-Find Passion and Purpose For the Rest of Your Life-suggested by one of my high school friends.  I told her that we were almost ready to get rid of this house and move into a smaller place with smaller everything.  Like electric bills and water bills. She highly recommended that I read this one.

Other new arrivals:
Jill Shalvis- Sweet Little Lies
Cara Sue Achterberg-Girls Weekend
Jamie Brenner- The Wedding Sisters
Sherryl Woods- Mending Fences
Fanny Flagg-The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion
Judith Fertig-The Memory of Lemon
Susan Mallery-Daughters of the Bride

Here are two books that I recently purchased for a retirement gift.  I love both of them:
My Bucket List- This is a journal style book to record your personal bucket list.  There are quotes that are inspirational and some great photos with plenty of room to write.  I bought my gift at The Paper Place.  I think I may need a copy for myself.
Celebrating You(and the beautiful person you are)-by M. H. Clark.  This is one of those small books with just a few words of wisdom on each page.  This one makes you feel good about yourself.  I thought it was a fitting retirement gift.

Enjoy July.  
Love, Ya-Ya


  1. I'm going to give a few of your 'light beach reads' a try! I need more relaxing material before I go to bed! Love your home and the change to beach mode. See you next blog...hugs. Char

  2. Char, Enjoy the light reading. It should be much more relaxing than the heavy stuff. Thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for more home changes. I am looking forward to getting things completed this week. Best wishes!