Thursday, July 28, 2016

A wedding Rehearsal dinner from afar

A while back, both of our son’s were engaged to be married within a few months of each other.  They also planned their wedding dates a few months apart.  Wow- welcome to the world of the “Groom’s Mother".  Imagine how hard this was for me.  I love to hold parties, decorate, take pictures.  Now I am moved to the backrow as the Mother of the Groom.  Not that  anyone moved me to the backrow but we all know that the Bride and the Bride’s family are “in charge”.  All of us "Mothers of Boys" need to just wait to be asked to do stuff.  We cannot initiate anything.
Menu card and placecards.  You just need a computer, scrapbook paper and ribbon.  Also note the bride cookies- a little take home gift.  A snack for the late night hotel room.

Then one of the kids said they were marrying in Boise.  It made perfect sense, her family is in Boise but how will I make my tiny part of the celebration happen so far from home?
I alternated the bride and the groom cookies, you can see the groom cookie in the place-setting to the right

I had been to Boise with my future DIL once.  But I did not look around for a rehearsal dinner site.  I told the kids to just pick a good place and it would work out.  So they picked a beautiful restaurant in Downtown Boise.  The planning begins.
Tables from afar.  Candlelit and really pretty.  Thank you,  Boise!

I made the reservation, booked a party room and started figuring out a color scheme and menu. Black and white is good and works with what we did for the engagement party.  So black and white it was.  I paid no attention to wedding colors.  I just did what worked for a long distance party.
To Do:
·         Invites to the dinner-made by hand
·         Menu- the kids told me what worked for them
·         Menu card-Made by hand
·         Flowers
·         Candles and centerpieces
·         41 hotel rooms and counting....need to make goodie boxes
The calla lily flowers- thanks to Costco and the hand embellished candles.  Vase from IKEA.....staying on a budget.

I decided to do calla lilies in my centerpieces.  They remind me of a wedding and they are perfect with a black and white theme.  I ordered a boatload of calla lilies and asked for them to be drop shipped by Costco to the Mother of the Bride.  I could arrange them myself in my hotel room.  I wanted to do those simple arrangements of the lilies tied in a bunch with pretty ribbons.  Easy, peasy.  I bought the glass vases at IKEA and had them shipped to the MOB.  I was not keeping track of how many boxes were being shipped.
Another shot of the centerpieces.
I had many boxes sent to the MOB's house.  I am sure she thought I was insane.  As soon as we arrived in Boise we brought all of the boxes to our hotel room because I needed to start assembling.  All of the candles and the embellishments needed to be put together.  I needed to do the flowers.  I needed to assemble the goodie boxes.
The goodie boxes were quite an elaborate conglomeration but I will do another post just about that- too many details for one quick posting.

Tomorrow,  I will be posting about my top five albums of all time.  It is so fun to compile history and also to think about what memories I would like to have in writing for my Grandchildren.  Who knows if they will care but I care so therefore I am leaving a blog history about the past, the present and maybe a bit about the future.

I look at you and see the passion eyes of May
Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day"
Wedding Bell Blues by The Fifth Dimension- I would have missed this group if I was in name that tune.  I definitely would have picked the wrong artist.

Coming Soon:
Top Five Albums
The Birthday Club
How Long Til Fall
My Catalog Obsession
California Dreamin'

Almost weekend and almost time for the Beach.  Don't forget your good deed for the day and hug those kids.
Love, Ya-Ya

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