Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Navy and Yellow Wedding Shower

2015 Beach at Coronado

Hello from Arizona.  It is still hot, only about three months to go.  I read about your flowers and al fresco dining and think we should be on the fast train to where you live.  Just kidding.  We love it here because this is where our family resides so we want to be here.  After all it is a dry heat.  Right, don't believe those people.  My grass is crunchy right now. 
Wish we were there, Coronado Beach 2015

In the past week, two friends have sent out messages of their kids' upcoming weddings. I love weddings, and all of surrounding festivities.  This bride honored in the bridal shower is the daughter of one of our dear friends.  It was still cool enough to dine on the patio but we were cutting it close.  I wanted to be outside because it is just too crowded to cram round dining tables into my house.

Starting with the front door, you notice the mannequin dressed in a bridal gown.  One of my great neighbors owns the mannequin and during my planning she suggested that I put the mannequin out front to greet the guests.  Not only did she lend me her beautiful mannequin, she also found the wedding dress at a Garage sale.  What a fun way to greet my guests.  I also made the Bride-to-be banner hanging out front.  The bouquet is fake flowers wrapped with a few ribbons.

The buffet table was decorated with photos of the bride and groom.  They did not have many pics so I asked them to stop by my backyard a few weeks before the shower so I could have a few fresh photos. 

I found the "Happy Ever After"at a local shop and tore fabric to make the garland to hang in the window behind the desserts.  I ordered a cake and cookies from my favorite bakery.  Remember I am the one who doesn't cook.  Maybe someday.  Those of you who really know me well are laughing right now.  I quit cooking right after we got married because I was not good at it.  Actually I really stink at cooking.  But my cousin told me if you can read you can cook.  I do know how to read.  Learning to cook is on my list.

I thought about party favors and decided that I wanted to paint mason jars and arrange flowers in the mason jars.  I made an arrangement for each person.  First I painted the outside of the jars with navy blue chalk paint.  It took three coats of paint to completely cover them.  Navy blue is tough.  Then I bought bunches of flowers at Trader Joe's.  I made the bouquets really tight and wrapped the flowers with duct tape before they went in the jars.  The duct tape keeps the flowers together and makes it easy.  You might need a second pair of hands for the wrapping but you can manage without a helper with a little practice.

I learned this duct tape trick when I was working on some fresh flower bouquets when one of my grand daughters was a bride at Halloween.  The duct tape gives you a stable base before you wrap ribbons and embellish the bouquets.  I will share more about the Bride costume in the fall.

I glittered all of the champagne flutes and then tied them with ribbon to match the navy and yellow color scheme.  I ran a small piece of the chevron fabric on my desk to work as a makeshift bar for Mimosa's and Bellini's.  You can see to the far right that I glittered the champagne bottles.  

Coming soon:
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Thanks for taking a look.  This is so much fun.  I know I have a lot to learn but you have to start somewhere and thanks to great advice I just jumped in instead of talking about doing it someday.  I am doing it.  Yahoo.

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