Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do you have a "Family Playlist"?

A few years ago we were planning for a spring family vacation.  We decided that we should compile a family playlist of music loved by all 10 of us.  At Thanksgiving we set the guidelines.  I have one brother so our two families were each to have their Top 100 songs by Christmas.

My half of the family (actually more then half because we had 6 voting adults and my brother's side had four votes) started working on our list.  We each came up with our top songs.  By Christmas,  we had our 100 and my brother's group had their top 100.  At that time,  our age range was from the 20's to the very early 60's.  We had one rule that I really did not like and that was that we could not have more than two songs from one group.  Of course I wanted more Beatles but I knew we had to choose only two.

Our side of the family had numerous discussions about what would make it to the list we were submitting.  We wanted to cover all of the era's but only wanted songs that would live up to the test of time.  We were heavy on my favorites because our kids grew up with the songs we loved from our youth.  Plus that was the best music of all time.  No contest.

When we all got together on Thanksgiving we had decided that if a song was on both of our lists,  it would be a sure thing.  About 50 songs were on both lists.  That was the easy port.  So we each had 50 more tunes that were not a cross over.  The party really began.  We had decided that for a song to make the next cut,  the songs had to have 5 votes.  If four or less wanted a song it was eliminated.

Some people are pretty passionate about their songs.  There were side deals going on----if you vote for my song, then I will vote for yours.  It actually went on for a few hours.

My favorite group of all time is The Beatles, we could only have two songs. So are Paul McCartney songs part of that Beatles two, plus John Lennon solo??? My second favorite group of all time is The Eagles.  My favorite Eagles song is Desperado.  There were not five votes for Desperado.  I really wanted Desperado,  so our adult kids said they would vote for Desperado if I would babysit on New Years Eve, one week away.  I had an overnight for a 2 year old, three year old, four year old and five year old on NY Eve to get my song on the list.

When we went on our spring vacation we were all on a boat trip together.  I took our playlist and asked if they would connect it to their music system.  They did and it was a blast.  The family playlist has grown a bit over time as I have added a few songs that no one thought about and should have been on the list.  The playlist goes to the beach with us and the backyard patio.  Everyone has a few favorites on the family playlist
Our family anthem is "American Pie".  The Grandchildren know the lyrics to about the half way point.  We are still working on it.  

A good place to start is researching top playlists.  I looked at top wedding playlists, top hits of each year and each decade.  Some of the decades have some pretty weak music.  Then if you listen to any music as you are driving around you may hear a song that you have forgotten about and love so tag it and add it to the list.

When you search for ideas, there are many lists--- here is a small sample of some of the best selling songs.  Two of these made our list.  Three were not on anyone's list.
Queen"Bohemian Rhapsody"1975

Culture Club"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me"1982

Michael Jackson"Billie Jean"1983

The Archies"Sugar, Sugar"1969

Brotherhood of Man"Save Your Kisses for Me"1976
Whenever I play the list there are a few songs that are not in my favorites, like Stairway to Heaven, that I skip.  It is like 7 minutes long.  I liked it when I was 18 but not now.  I think I was the lone dissenter. I am also not a fan of Elton John but again it was a landslide, Tiny Dancer is on the list.

When we made our list our kids were already married so we included songs from their weddings that were meaningful to all of us.  I will never forget scream singing Jessie's Girl at my niece's wedding. So Jessie's Girl is on the list.

The family playlist was so much fun to compile and brings back memories to all of us from events we cherish.  The Grandchildren are now starting to get into music and will tell me songs that they love.  I have snuck a few of them onto our list so that the kids can go crazy when their song comes up on the list.

Sharing music is priceless.  We play name that tune and the kids usually answer The Beatles or the Eagles first as they know that Ya-Ya really likes them, but occasionally they will say The Doors or some other artist and I am shocked. They are really paying attention to everything we share with them.

I think The Beatles said it better than I ever could in one of my top Beatles songs, In My Life.............
" Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more"

In closing, share hugs all around to your kids and furry loved ones.  Keep on dancing and singing. You are making memories.
Love, Ya-Ya

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How long til Fall-- in AZ we do look at that calendar and LOVE October, November, December.......

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