Sunday, July 10, 2016

Last look at Americana until next Year and an Easy Birthday Celebration

Are they having fun or what?
Frosting on your face tastes best!
We love silly pics.  Notice the eye  makeup applied herself to match her tutu

 Do you really need to go over the top for the family portion of a seven year old birthday celebration? We have finally learned that every birthday does not have to be celebration that you have spent countless hours prepping for.  The kids do not really care.

 Tips for a quick celebration:

  • Head for the local pizza place, with games is preferable,  if the kids still like it.
  • Go to the local party store and buy some silly masks and horns.
  • I did not photograph the balloons but we had a balloon bouquet.
  • The kids still want to get a gift.  So don't forget a present.  Books and pajamas are not presents according to our seven year old Grandson. We carefully work on a list of "wants" before the party, so Ya-Ya buys the right thing.  And I still messed up.  We had to make an emergency trip to Toys or Us because I bought the wrong Lego set.  Lego's have a ton of options so be careful.
  • I quickly said no to a cell phone.  You have to be sixteen to own a cell phone,  don't you?
  • Cupcakes were the cake of the day so everyone picked their favorite flavor.  There was an assortment and it works perfectly.  You don't even need to order ahead!
Last Look at Americana:
I am still working on camera settings.  I have photographed my G kids for many years but have not done many pics of the house and I admit it maybe a while before I get it.  So please bear with me as I sort through the settings and try to improve my skill set.  Taking a photography class is on my list but as you already know the list is very long.

This is a shot of our great room taken from the second floor looking down.  Still Americana today

Another shot of the great room taken from above.  Note the pillows are all Americana.  This will change today.

A little corner of the room where I have some Americana on the wall.  Coming down today.

Close up of one of my favorite mini quilts.  

One of my favorite pillows.  I use it somewhere in my house almost all year.  

This is an wire tower that looks great in the black and white bathroom and I fill it with flags for the fourth of July.  The flags will be removed and it will have a totally different look.

Another shot of the flags in the tower

A few Americana towels

The bow will come off the lantern and the lantern will be naked for the rest of the summer.

This is a view from inside our front window.  I hung inexpensive fans and draped a bunting on the staircase.

I need to get busy and work on the transformation.  Thanks so much for taking a look and I hope that there are some tidbits of fun and that you are enjoying a glimpse of Ya-Ya's house AZ.  
Love, Ya-Ya

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