Friday, August 26, 2016

A Halloween Tradition- You need to get started and organized NOW

Three years ago I started seriously working with the kids to pick out Halloween costumes.  The girls have real flower bouquets, made by Ya-Ya,  with flowers from Trader Joe's.  The bouquets were really cool and easy to make.  Wrap the stems with duct tape and then cover the duct tape with ribbons and netting.

In 2013, the kids paraded at my Mom's assisted living home and delighted the guests.  The kids also had a dress rehearsal for the real Halloween, which was still a few days away.

In 2014, the girls had it together and had their pics taken with their costumes.  In 2015, all four kids were together for pictures.  This year we already have a reservation for the pictures.

So now it is time for Ya-Ya to get together with the kids to pick the costumes.  We pour over the catalogs together and I enjoy placing the order for the Halloween finery.  I need to make this happen in the next week or so to make sure that everything fits and meets the kids expectations.

To Do's:
1.  Plan a time to look at the catalogs with the G kids.
2.  Order the costumes
3.  Plan a time for photos before the big day.
4.  Make Halloween cards to share the great pictures of the beautiful kids.

Thriller by Michael Jackson...................................................................
"It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking
In the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops
Your heart
You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before
You make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between
The eyes
You're paralyzed"

Coming Soon:

  • A look at Fall ---years gone by
  • The Birthday Club
  • Return to Reality
  • Ya-Ya goes back to school
  • Online shopping on the cheap
  • A last look at Coronado
Love, Ya-Ya

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