Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nobody Does It Better

What do you do to differentiate your condo from the other ten that are for sale?  You want top dollar. But you realize your condo is a little tired.  There have been updates.  Thanks Heavens,  but it still needs a little TLC.  These photos are all "after" pictures.  There was carpeting throughout and tired old tile in the kitchen pre reno.  All of the walls were white and there were still wallpaper borders- so picture it in your minds eye.

I invited our realtor to come over for a walk through before I started any renovation.  He advised me not to pick what I would use for my own house and pick neutrals and less expensive materials.  So off to Home Depot I went to pick up some samples.
The fireplace tile was also from Home Depot.  It just took a tiny bit to make this condo look better than the competition.  

I decided to use a very light grey for all of the walls.  Repainting the entire interior would freshen the space.  I also had the ceiling repainted with ceiling white.

All of the floor coverings were removed.  I decided to use a large ceramic tile for everything but the bedrooms.  I used a neutral carpet for the two bedrooms.  There were no baseboards so I added them.

The appliances were all old and I wanted new ones.  My brother was visiting so I told him I was replacing appliances before the condo was listed.  I told him that I wanted to spend under $2000 total for the range, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.  He said no way- so I took that as a personal challenge.  I found matching stainless steel appliance at one of our appliance specialty stores.  I made it under the $2000 mark.  The fridge had the double doors and ice in the front of the door.  All fresh and clean and brand, spanking new.  I needed to differentiate us from the pack of 10 condos in this complex that were on the market.
Just a couple of decor items, very clean and simple.

We left the stickers on all of the appliances so you could tell they were new and never touched.

We also bought new toilets and left the stickers on them so you could see that they were  new and unused.  The counter tops for the bathrooms were redone a couple of years previously when I did my house.  Some of the counters were just extra left over from our slabs.  We also bought new granite for the kitchen and new sinks for the bathrooms at that time.  This reno from a couple of years ago really helped me keep my total expenditure low as the bathrooms and the kitchen were in pretty good shape. Just needed the new toilets and fresh paint.

The painting contractor also painted the garage interior- fresh and clean.
My favorite is always the outdoors.  We just brought a couple of items from my back patio and we were in business.  You want to sit outside and relax.  I would want to read a book.
I have used this star many a time.  It brightens up every space.  It is normally on my outdoor fireplace mantle and I love it.  It has worked in many spots to liven a space.  Don't be afraid of a little color, especially when you are trying to make your place memorable.  If a person looked at all ten condos for sale in this complex., I want them to remember mine.
As always,  buy a couple of plants and make your place inviting.  I am NOT a proponent of fake plants and flowers.  I had to go over and water every day but it sold in 17 days with stiff competition for exactly the price I wanted.  Yahoo- Mark it done.  Thanks to Brain Gubernick, at Home Helper Consultants,  for his advice and realtor skills.  He was the one sending me to Home Depot, advising me to reduce my expenditure.

"Life's Been Good"- by Joe Walsh
"They say I'm crazy but I have a good time
I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime
Life's been good to me so far"

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