Sunday, August 7, 2016

Surfin Safari Birthday Party

I loved this cake.  So did the kids.  Note the fishnet over the tablecloth.
One of the boys held a birthday party at home for his sixth birthday.  He used the surfer theme and had a swim party.  The kids love to swim and you just need to provide some decorations and plan the food and goodies.
The inflatable surf boards were ordered online.

Everything is edible except the two Volkswagen vans.  They were ordered on Amazon.  One of my favorite spots.

Beach ball cookie pops

Fireplace was adorned with a birthday banner and bright paper balls to match the surfer theme color scheme

The table had grab and go snacks and sweet treats.

Surf board cookies

A birthday that falls in July in Arizona needs to be either in air conditioned comfort or in the swimming pool.  The kids don't seem to mind the heat, so a swim party it was.  The kids are all a little obsessed about surfing so the theme was easy.  What did we do before Pinterest?  Actually came up with ideas on our own.
Happy Number 6

There are also a lot of easy party decorations at Oriental Trading if you do not have the time, talent or inclination to make stuff.  There are times when all of us do not have time to make everything.  I am not sure the kids know the difference.  So do not beat yourself up.  This is supposed to be fun.


Looks like it is about to be broken.  Happy Birthday.

"Let's go surfin now everybody's learning how come on a safari with me. " Surfin Safari by the Beach Boys.

Ya-Ya's Bookshelf is not being accessed right now, but I think that will change soon.  No Grandkids will be visiting for a couple of weeks.  Adult visitors like to read just like me so I will get started again.  But I can't pass us watching the kids in the sand, having so much fun.  There is never a dull moment.  I need to dust off my list and get busy.
Coming Soon:
  • The Birthday Club
  • Zoo Mania
  • Sand Castles or should I say sand giraffe/camel, dinosaur and frozen creations?
  • A total condo reno and it sold in 17 days with 10 other units in competition.  How to keep it on the cheap.....just look like it is not cheap.
  • Family Beach pictures- with half of the kids----Thanks Melissa.
Keep on hugging those kids.  They just left for the airport and I miss them already.
Love, Ya-Ya

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