Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cake by the Ocean- A Mermaid Birthday Party

To be a four year old girl again.....
What is your dream party?  A Mermaid party?

This party was held at one of the kid's homes.  There are pros and cons to a home birthday party.  Pros include the ability to decorate prior to the event.  If parties are at my house I sometimes decorate for a week before, a little (or a lot) each day.

The cons are headed up by the clean up.  Your house is destroyed by little kids, not because they are destructive,  but there is just a lot of food and drink and it is a party,  so you have to expect a bit of a mess.

This party had a load of homemade decorations and as usual the torn fabric banners, in mermaid colors.

The balloon garland was a three person project.  My hubbie blew the balloons, our son tied them, and our DIL put them on the archway.  The archway was made from plastic tubing and you inserted the tied end of the balloon into the tubing.  It really ended up beautiful but was a lot of work.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in star shapes with a cookie cutter

The kids LOVED this one.  Wooden skewers with fruit bites stuck into a cantaloupe with eyes made from Kiwi and cherries.

Grab and go snacks- pretzels dipped in chocolate, then decorated with sprinkles and the all important goldfish.  

Starfish and shell cookies

More cookies, wrapped and tied and ready for each guest to take home.

The cake is three tiers and has a different flavor or cake and frosting in each layer.  Above the cake are yarn puffs.

Birthday girl, blowing out here candles.  Happy 4.

The ever present pinata.
Cake by the Ocean- DNCE
"I'll keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean."
The truth is when I read the lyrics I was a little shocked.  I have heard the song and you can't really understand all of the words or the radio plays a different version than I saw online.  The kids love this song and it will stick in your mind after you hear it, but you might just want to loop the cake by the ocean line.  If there is a "secret meaning" to cake by the ocean,  I am oblivious.  I am innocent.
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I have no G kids visiting me this weekend and it is a little too quiet.  I need to go out and take some pictures.  Hug the kids for me.
Love, Ya-Ya

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