Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Last Look at Coronado

One of my visitors said I should write about what to do in Coronado.  My list would be pretty short, go to the beach and then go to the beach again.

But I do ride my bike.

I do not Paddleboard but others do.

I do not sail, but I watch them sail.
Jetski-No way......

I eat, I  drink a little.  Not much.  I am pretty boring.
I have kayaked once with a female family member and they had to come out and get us.  We were stranded and the kids were standing on the shore laughing their heads off.  I will never kayak again.

I do rent a speedboat, if anyone wants to go out in the bay.  It is a different view than the beach view.

Dinner cruise-done that- not exactly fine dining, but fun to eat while on the water, and if a Navy boat comes into port they have super special fireworks.

Movie theater-It is renovated and nice but super small--- no recliners, no dinner service, just an old fashioned movie theater with popcorn and candy.

Live music- At the Del most nights in their bar, Babcock and Story.  At McP's almost nightly, but starts late, like 9 PM.  I like the afternoon on the patio stuff.  Wednesday and Thursday at LeRoy's Kitchen.
Kokomo-The Beach Boys............
"Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo Montego,
baby why don't we go
Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo,
we'll get there fast
and then we'll take it slow
That's where we wanna go,
way down in Kokomo."

Coming Soon:

  • Return to Reality
  • The Birthday Club
  • Internet Shopping on the cheap
  • Wicked? Phantom?.......
  • Switching to Fall
  • The Garage Before and After
  • The Kitchen Remodel
Love, Ya-Ya

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