Friday, August 19, 2016

The Bucket List

I have been working on my Bucket List for a while now.  It is really quite short.  I have visited most of the places I want to visit.  There are a few things that I want to learn and a few people I want to see but I certainly do not have a list of 100 things so here goes:


1.  Key West- Never been and it looks like a blast.  We just need to time it right for a winter visit.

2.  Paris.  We had it planned as part of one of our trips and the Parisians were not taking kindly to Americans at that moment so we cancelled Paris and switched to London.  I was disappointed because Paris has always been on my list of destinations.
3.  Marty wants to go on a river cruise where you see the autumn leaves.  I am not certain of the best spot.  So if you have any ideas, please share with me.  I do not have a clue.  That trip can not happen this year because of the Desert Trip in October.  Maybe next year.

4.  We want to drive on Highway 89 from the Grand Canyon in Arizona all the way to the Canadian border.  Along the way, we will visit Bryce and Zion in Utah, Yellowstone in Wyoming, ending at Glacier in Montana.  I have been to all of these parks except Yellowstone and we have always wanted to go.  Maybe in the spring???  We are NOT campers but love the National Parks and want to do this trip when we are able to make the trek.

5.  Go to the Iowa Versus Iowa State football game in Ames, Iowa with our kids.  Maybe in 2017 or 2019.

6.  Go to the Kentucky Derby.  The kids want to go.  This is last on my list.

1.  Meet with my high school friends for a mini reunion.  Destination unknown.  I have suggested Key West or Nashville.  One classmate thinks we should go to Des Moines.  I am not quite convinced.

2.  Meet with my Chi Omega friends.  No destination or discussion yet. One sister said maybe San Diego- I am always good with San Diego.  Life is too short to not visit the ocean as often as possible.
3.  Meet with my Hyperion friends once again.  We had a mini reunion in Las Vegas a few years back and it was a lot of fun reliving the memories.  We may need to repeat this one.
4.  Concerts to see- Tom Petty.  I have never seen him live and I would like to.  Maybe if he tours soon???
1.  Take a photography class.  I am enrolled for Sept. 3.  I have MUCH to learn.

2.  Take a calligraphy class. There are classes at Pinspiration in Phoenix,  but the September classes are not yet listed.  The classes look like tons of fun so I will do this as soon as they are offered at a time that works in my schedule.
3.  Learn another language.  This might be a stretch but I would love to speak Italian or Greek or French.

4.  Learn to cook.  I have been looking at the class schedules at Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma.  I have not yet enrolled but I want to at least test the waters.  A couple of friends have been giving me advice and suggesting that I just jump in and start to cook a few easy things,  Maybe in September.
5.  Write a book.  I have started a book a few times and never have made it to the finish line.  We have created a load of fun memories but maybe I will capture them all on the blog for my G kids and eternity.  Maybe writing a book is a thing of the past.  Will kids read novels?  Or just quick bits on their phones or some newer device that is smaller, quicker and easier.
6.  Downsize- in the next few years we will sell our house and move into a smaller condo or townhouse.  The house has so much maintenance and I don't want to continue to keep up so much house and yard.  There is a never ending list of things to fix or renovate or paint or plant.

So that is my short list.  What is on yours?

Born to Be Wild- Steppenwolf
"Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace"

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