Sunday, August 28, 2016

Boogie Board Mastered

The Grand boys were just here visiting.  Pop-Pop bought Boogie boards at Costco at the beginning of the summer. The kids have been pool surfing with them at our house. Pop-Pop decided that the Boogie Boards needed an ocean initiation. The boys know how to do it right. It is amazing how fast a four and seven year old catch on.

I saw a quiz in a magazine that asked for all of you parents to ask your kids their favorite three activities- what is the most fun in the world?  What would you pick?  One of the G kids chose boogie boarding and one of them chose go to the ocean.  The quiz was looking to see if your kids would say anything having to do with gaming or the I Pad.  If they are in your top three then maybe some things need to change.
Does this you remind you of Endless Summer?
I asked the kids how their day was.  One of them said "It was better than fun".  Wow I think we hit a home run.  I also heard "Epic" a few times and I think that it is all good.  It always amazes me that the favorite things are the "free" things- going to the beach, body surfing, finding seashells, picking up pinecones, just running in the sand.  We try to make things so "big" and it does not mean anything to the kids.  They love to ride bikes, play in the park and go on a nature hike.  If we paint our stuff when we get home it is even better.  I have been known to initiate rock painting and pinecone glittering.  It makes the treasured hike last longer.

This kid is not having fun.

Can you believe this is his first time?

First time for this four year old!!

A little beach ball- Yes , that is sand covering him.
Hauling water for the beach sand creation.
Beach Ball

Running on the beach.

I am such a lucky Ya-Ya to have our kids close and be able to enjoy all of the antics of the Grandkids.  We treasure them and do appreciate that the kids let us share in their lives.  It is the best thing ever.

Surfin' Safari- By The Beach Boys
"Let's go surfin' now
Everybody's learning how
Come on and safari with me
(Come on and safari with...)
Early in the morning we'll be startin' out
Some honeys will be coming along
We're loading up our Woody
With our boards inside
And headin' out singing our song"

Coming Soon:
  • A look at Fall ---years gone by
  • The Birthday Club
  • Return to Reality
  • Ya-Ya goes back to school
  • Online shopping on the cheap
  • A last look at Coronado
Love, Ya-Ya

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